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Introduction to Docker & Monitoring with influxData
In this webinar, Gary Forgheti, Technical Alliance Engineer at Docker, and Gunnar Aasen, Partner Engineering, provide an introduction to Docker and InfluxData. From there, they will show you how to use the two together to setup and monitor your containers and microservices to properly manage your infrastructure and track key metrics (CPU, RAM, storage, network utilization), as well as the availability of your application endpoints.

Sep 26, 2017 8:00 AM in Pacific Standard Time (US and Canada)

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Gary Forghetti
Technical Alliance Engineer @Docker
Gary Forghetti is a Technical Alliance Engineer at Docker with 40+ years IT experience as a Systems Programmer.
Gunnar Aasen
Partner Engineer @InfluxData
Gunnar Aasen is a Partner Engineer at InfluxData whose current programming language of choice is Go. He enjoys helping partners and customers make the most of their InfluxData solutions and is responsible for the AWS architecture, automation and release management of InfluxCloud.